Nexus Bio 🇺🇸

Dj & producing team. Born and based in Vicenza (Italy).
Nexus do want to be a collective music project. 

Live sets and music released belong to the EDM universe, faded with Pop and even Future Bass influences, but Nexus is likely to define its music “no-genre” according to own artists, due to compose interior releases and not standard products. 

Started to publish own music in 2020: “Schoolship” is the first album including two main singles “Rainfall” and “Bedroom”. In 2022 another single comes out called “Reapproaching”, foretelling another whole album. 

Meanwhile was founded in their hometown Nexus Studios, the recording and mixing studio where the artists took place. 

Nexus has multiple meanings: link with people, fulcrum in physics, bond in chemistry, core in biology. All these elements come mystically together to fusion benefic power to listeners.